Walking in Barcelona

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We are all pedestrians. Walking is a really healthy activity as well as the cheapest and least-polluting way of getting around. There are 2.5 million journeys made on foot in Barcelona every day. Getting about on foot is beneficial to both our health and the city. Check out the information on getting from A to B, pedestrian zones, 30 km/h zones, escalators, etc.
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The intention here is to allow the city's boys and girls to increase their personal independence and quality of life going to and from school on their own, walking through a park, going to a youth centre, doing sport, etc., while encouraging the local community to join in the scheme
"Do the right mix"
Let's choose the best combination for getting around. If we combine walking, cycling and going by car with public transport in the right way, we will soon see the benefits. A good combination will make our cities more pleasant, with less pollution and fewer greenhouse emissions. If we choose well, we will feel better and so will the planet.

We are all pedestrians. Walking is a natural and healthy activity, and is the most efficient mode of transport, together with cycling. Walking allows people to exercise and admire the architectural and artistic heritage in the city, the complexity of the urban areas and the biological diversity of the city's parks and gardens.

Barcelona is a city with a privileged climate and gentle topography that enable people to move around easily on foot. In addition, distances are relatively short, and therefore most daily activities and errands can be carried out on foot.

When referring to pedestrians, however, it should be remembered that this concept includes different age groups and types of citizens with varying characteristics, skills and physical abilities in terms of moving around or crossing streets. These include children, the elderly and disabled people.

Barcelona has more than 80,000 inhabitants with some kind of limited mobility. More than 67,000 of its population are under the age of 10, and 250,000 are over the age of 70. Walking comfortably along the street or crossing a road should never be a risky adventure for these people, but rather just another step in their daily movement.

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Parc de Joan Miró


Parc Joan Miró to get a public meeting area

Urban planning. The remodelling of the surface in the park comes in addition to work already under way to build the cleaning technology and logistics depot for the Esquerra de l’Eixample neighbourhood.


Explanatory exhibition of the improvement plan for the area surrounding the Barça football ground

Urban Planning. The Joan Oliver “Pere Quart” Civic Centre and at the Miquel Llogueras Library are hosting a exhibition to make the general metropolitan plan public, which details the transformation of this area.


A commemorative walk for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

Walks. A walk of over 10 km to recapture the spirit of the Games in an area strongly linked to them: Barceloneta, the Olympic Village and the Olympic Port.

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