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Barcelona has an extensive, quality public transport system that is within everyone's reach (bus, metro, FGC and Rodalies (trains), TRAM, taxis, etc.) One of the great advantages of this system is that all forms of collective public transport are integrated into a metropolitan fare system. We want to promote public transport and make users more familiar with it. Do you want to know when your next bus is due in real time?
New bus network
The new bus network is a project that Barcelona has launched to reshape the regular bus service under criteria that are rational, easy to use, well connected and effective and which use resources efficiently. The network consists of 28 high service-delivery lines with routes as straight as possible: 17 vertical, 8 horizontal and 3 diagonal. This means users can benefit from a more frequent, regular and reliable service with more links. Taking the bus is easier than ever, as the routes have been designed with convenience and easy-to-read information in mind.
The Barcelona Metropolitan Area website offers you detailed information on the routes, timetables and stops of the various forms of public transport in the metropolitan area: bus, metro, Nitbus (night service), FGC and Rodalies trains, the TRAM network, taxis, etc. You will also find information on the different kinds of tickets and travel cards, plus discounts and concessions.

By public transport in Barcelona

Barcelona has an extensive, high quality public transport network available to all. Hundreds of vehicles and trains move both on the surface -buses, trams and taxis- and underground -trains and metros- forming a network connecting all neighbourhoods, districts and nearby towns, with more than 3,000 stops and stations.

One of the main advantages of this network is that all the modes of collective public transport are integrated into a metropolitan fares system. This means that by paying once at the start of the journey, passengers can combine up to four modes of transport in the network in a single journey, an initiative that improves comfort and favours its use.

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Three new bus routes to help make public transport more efficient

Mobility. The new bus network gets three additional mainline services offering public transport links between neighbourhoods and the metropolitan area.


More trains to enhance metro services

Mobilitat i transports. Twelve new trains will provide a boost next year for L1, L3, L4 and L5 services during rush hours.


Collaboration protocol with ATM to connect the tram system

Mobility. The full council meeting on 23 March will vote on the proposal to start connecting the tram systems along a first section between Glòries and Verdaguer.

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