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What is the traffic like today? Are there any hold-ups? Where can I park? Where can I find a petrol station? Having this information makes travelling round the city by private transport easier and more efficient. It means we can plan our daily routes and this helps us organise our everyday lives better. You will find all the information on the state of traffic in the city on, so you can plan your routes.
ApparkB is an app designed for users of preferential blue and/or green zone parking spaces that offers the advantages of a new method of payment by mobile phone. It is more flexible, convenient and cuts out waiting, as you don't have to go to a parking meter. You pay for the time you use. There are two kinds: individual and business users.
Traffic app
This app lets users check the map showing the traffic situation in the city and see live images from traffic cameras.

In private vehicle for Barcelona

Motor cars have been one of the economic and territorial forces for development during the past century. They have become one of the most important elements in cities, occupying roads for many decades now, both while moving around and while parked.

Nonetheless, current public area and traffic organisation and management trends, and the technological progress taking place in the automotive sector are leading the way to healthier mobility where cars, motorbikes and goods delivery vehicles are a better fit for the movement towards more sustainable, efficient, safe and equitable mobility –the strategic lines of the Urban Mobility Plan-, compatible with the economic and productive dynamics of cities like Barcelona.

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Preparatory work to regulate vehicle sharing

Mobility. A proposal for regulations will be drafted in 2018, building on the benefits of carsharing, motosharing and bikesharing and reducing the negative effects.


The first phase to cover the Ronda de Dalt starts in the summer

Urban planning. Work will start in July and cover the section between the Mercat de la Vall d’Hebron and the Institute de la Vall d’Hebron, in the neighbourhoods of Sant Genís dels Agudells and La Teixonera.


Disruptions to mobility and recommendations for Catalan National Day

Catalan National Day. Citizens are advised to use public transport to get to the city and get around. Extra services will be laid on.

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