Sessions and meetings

23 September, 2015 . New Network Bus Comission

2015 - 9

On Wednesday 23 of September 2015 a meeting was held with members of the working groups of the New Network Bus and Public Transport of the Mobility Pact in which they presented the details and timing of implementation of the 4th phase of the New Network Bus, explained the participatory process that will take place this fall, and outlined future deployment of the new network.


24 July. Tourist Mobility Group

2014 - 7

The meeting of the Pact for Mobility's Tourist Mobility Group, held on 24 July, included the presentation of the Tourist Mobility Plan's appraisal, which defines the profiles of the city's visitors, analyses specific tourist-mobility services and tourist-site accessibility and gives the results to the systematisation of the contributions received.

The appraisal of the city's visitors clearly shows Barcelona is rated as the top city in the Spanish State for tourist competitiveness and that the areas singled out most for improvement are noise and noise pollution. The session also dealt with the reorganisation of bus and coach points provided planned for Ciutat Vella.

22 January Urban Distribution of Goods (UDG) Working Group

2014 - 1

An extraordinary meeting was held on 22 January, with the Pact's representatives from the Logistics and Transport Group, for an exhaustive analysis of initiatives under the Urban Mobility Plan for 2014-2014 (UMP) relating to the urban distribution of goods.

The session's participants also visited the pilot test for goods microdistribution located on Passeig de Lluis Companys (next to Passeig Pujades) which aims to reduce traffic in the more central areas of the city and achieve more sustainable, flexible and orderly commercial distribution under an alternative system using assisted tricycles.

27 May, 2 and 17 June, 9 July. Bicycle Working Group

2014 - 5

The Mobility Pact Bicycle Group met on 27 May and 17 June. These sessions, which studied and discussed the proposed amendment of the articles referring to bicycles in the traffic byelaw, incorporated the suggestions agreed on and heard about the e-Bicing pilot test that will start before the end of the year.

On top of that, a meeting was held on 2 June with the parties involved to deal exclusively with the effect of the byelaw on tourist and cultural bicycle tours.

A further session of the group took place on 9 July, which dealt in detail with the proposed new infrastructures for cyclists: the cycling route between Tres Torres and Guinardó, and the Zona Franca and Gran Via bike lanes.

2 April. Bicycle Working Group

2014 - 4

The Mobility Pact Bicycle Group session held on 2 April talked about organising a Bicycle Week in 2014 and details were given of the investment in bicycle infrastructures (new lanes, improvements to existing ones and new cycle park anchor points).

The project for amending the vehicle and pedestrian traffic byelaw in relation to bicycles and personal mobility was also presented to the meeting. It was marked by a high level of participation and finished discussing the participation process on bike lanes in Les Corts and Barcelona's involvement in the European Cycling Challenge. 

5 March. Pact for Mobility's Full Meeting

2014 - 3

The final version of the Urban Plan for Mobility (UPM) was presented at the Full Meeting of the Pact for Mobility held on 5 March 2014. It was the result of joint work carried out between the local authority and the organisations that had taken part in the participation process over the last year and a half. The UPM scenario of super blocks was explained too, along with the effect this model had on traffic, the modal breakdown of journeys and the effect on air quality.

The Mayor chaired this meeting, which also saw the presentation of Basic Data on Mobility in 2013. 

17 July. Urban Distribution of Goods (UDG) Group

2014 - 7

The meeting of the Pact for Mobility's Urban Distribution of Goods (UDG) Group, held on 17 July, discussed the preliminary conclusions of the Goods Microdistribution pilot test carried out in the Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera neighbourhoods. The determination of the test's success is based on the positive response to it and environmental sustainability, the gradual increase in the volume of goods handled and the increase in the number of operators worked with.

The night-time unloading authorisation protocol was also explained and B:SM introduced the new access system for loading and unloading (LU) areas that would start as a pilot test on Passeig de Gràcia in November and extend to the whole DUM area as of February-March 2015. The new regulation will improve management of LU areas, replacing the time disc with smartphone technologies that will encourage the best use of those areas and public spaces.

16 July. Road and Pedestrian Safety groups

2014 - 7

The session of the Road and Pedestrian Safety groups, held on 16 July, dealt with the Local Road Safety Plan and a change in its target of a 30% reduction in the number of fatalities and a 20% reduction in serious victims in traffic accidents between 2013 and 2018. The change is the result a review made that took account of contributions from the Pact for Mobility's members.

The meeting also heard a report on the steps taken in the city to improve road safety.