The area around Hospital Clínic gets more pedestrian-friendly

Urban planning. A square will be created where C/ Villarroel and C/ Rosselló converge, right by the main door to the hospital. Pavements and lighting will also be renewed and the area will get more urban greenery.

The main feature of the project to improve the area around the Hospital Clínic is the creation of a new square at the chamfer with C/ Rosselló, right where the main entrance to the hospital is, in C/ Villarroel. Access will be limited to local residents, car parking, services and motorcycles in C/ Rosselló (between C/ Comte d’Urgell and C/ Villarroel). The entire chamfer will be closed to traffic and converted into a pedestrian area, with hospital users particularly in mind. Benches, plant beds and screens will all feature in the new calmed zone.

The measures form part of an overall project worth 1.4 million euros. Besides the creation of the square, the section of C/ Villarroel between C/ Còrsega and C/ Provença, and the section of C/ Rosselló between C/ Villarroel and C/ Comte d’Urgell will get new pavements and lighting, more urban greenery and a new coat of paint for road markings. The work is due to start before the end of the year and will take seven months.