Rough sea warning

Safety and prevention. People are advised not to go to the city’s beaches and access to breakwaters is prohibited in order to prevent risks.

Given the weather forecast and the increase in the height of waves, the City Council activated the municipal basic emergency plan at 10.42 am today due to conditions in the city’s waters, stepping up the pre-warning stage to the warning stage.

For safety purposes, people are advised to be more cautious and not to go to the beaches. Similarly, the public are reminded that access to breakwaters is prohibited, as is bathing when red flags are flown at all the city’s beaches.

The City Police are patrolling the Barcelona coastline and blocking access to breakwaters and other points where waves break to prevent people being at risk.

The plan moves to the warning stage when the sea is rough, with waves of over 2.5 metres and there is more than a 30% chance the sea will become hazardous for people or destroy urban furniture.