Petrol stations to be reorganised to improve wellbeing among local residents

Urban planning. Residential areas, schools and healthcare centres are to be protected.

Petrol stations will have to be located away from vulnerable sectors of the population, such as children or the elderly, as well as residential areas, to cut noise and the presence of vehicles, protect people’s health and allow them to rest.

The city currently has over a hundred working petrol stations which, until today, could operate in densely populated areas under the same conditions as in industrial areas.

The new special urban plan now being drafted will take into account the urban environment where petrol stations are sited, their functionality and how near they are to municipal facilities. The aim is to guarantee they adapt suitably to their surroundings, minimising the inconvenience caused to local residents by noise, fumes and the volume of vehicles.

In order to regulate petrol stations, the issuing of new licences has been suspended for a year, with the exception of industrial sites in the Zona Franca, La Verneda and Bon Pastor areas, providing the petrol station is over a hundred metres away from facilities and housing.