Municipal services on standby following snow, ice and cold weather warnings

Climate. The public are advised to get around using the metro and to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. The cold weather operation has also been activated to help the homeless.

Given the light snowfalls and sharp drop in temperatures the municipal emergency plan for snow and ice is at the alert stage. The cold weather operation will be activated this evening, enabling the homeless to stay the night in a municipal centre.

For prevention purposes, people are recommended to wear clothing and footwear which is appropriate for cold weather and snow, to get around on public transport (preferably metro) and avoid the use of private vehicles. In addition, people are advised not to circulate using the roads over the Collserola mountain range.

Similarly, to avoid ice forming, the public are advised against watering down streets and should snow accumulate on rooftops or balconies, not to clear it by throwing it into roads.

Municipal teams are on standby, ready to spread salt and clear snow if necessary, while the Barcelona Fire Service and the City Police are also bolstering service levels. Salt has been spread at potential black spots, steep slopes, embankments, bus stops etc.

Cold weather operation

The cold weather operation has been at the prevention stage since 29 November and will move to the warning stage this evening following the forecast of potentially sub-zero temperatures.

The situation means homeless people who sleep rough are being encouraged to stay at municipal facilities which open throughout the year, as well as specific centres opening up as part of the current operation.

This stage of the operation means the City Council is opening up a short-stay centre at the Barcelona Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB), with 100 places available in addition to the 72 at the Emergency Night Shelter, opened in November as part of the prevention stage. The latter will stay open all winter, complementing the 2,000+ daily accommodation places available via the City Council and XAPSLL.

The care is offered in conjunction with the Social Intervention Service (SIS), Medi Obert and the Barcelona Red Cross.

More information is available by phone (010 and 012) and on social networks via @bcn_ajuntament and @barcelona_GUB.