Making parking easier for residents

Mobility. The new ONaparcar residents app enables resident AREA cardholders to pay for on street parking from their mobile phones.

ONaparcar residents is a new app from Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, S.A. (B:SM) enabling AREA cardholders to pay for on street parking using their mobile phones. The app is another example of the firm commitment to using technology to make ordinary procedures easier for citizens.

ONaparcar is a new addition to existing apps and includes relevant improvements such as being able to check the AREA which cardholders belong to and to pay for parking using mobiles, without having to use parking meters. It also offers a log of parking paid for according to number plate, as well as access to parking receipts and the management of parking tickets received.

According to the Councillor for Mobility, Mercedes Vidal, the new app offers “better distribution of on street parking, as well as easing parking for residents in zones short of parking spaces and a reduction in the volume or traffic and congestion in the centre”.

At present there are 260,000 residents assigned to the AREA scheme, of whom 80,000 regularly use the payment channels already available to them and who now have a simpler and more agile option available.

ONaparacar can be downloaded for free at