Green light to modify four taxes

Municipal. Full Council definitively approves the modification of by-laws on four taxes in order to back local commerce, combat pollution and guarantee basic utilities for vulnerable families.

Full Council has definitively approved a one-off modification to by-laws affecting four municipal taxes. The move is intended to combat pollution, back local commerce and preserve the right to basic utilities for families at risk of social exclusion.

Reduction in ceilings for property tax (IBI) for commercial premises

In an effort to boost local commerce, the ceilings for commercial property tax have been reduced from 10% to 7% for premises with cadastral values of up to 60,000 euros, and from 20% to 14% for those with a value over 60,000 euros. The measure was approved with votes from the groups making up the municipal government, ERC, Cs and the independent councillor; abstentions from the Grup Municipal Demòcrata and the PP, with the CUP – Capgirem Barcelona voting against it.

Discounts on the IVTM for vehicles which pollute the least

Approval was also given to modify the road tax, establishing discounts for low emissions vehicles according to the new environmental badge system implemented by the DGT. Specifically, discounts of 75% on the road tax will be applied to zero emissions and ECO vehicles, 25% to type C vehicles and petrol or bioethanol vehicles with emissions up to 120 g/km of CO2. The measure was approved unanimously, with all groups voting in favour.

Sewer tax exemption for vulnerable families

People exposed to energy poverty will be exempt from paying sewer tax and debts accrued by families for this tax will be written off. The move makes Barcelona the first Catalan municipality to integrate this tax into the law on energy poverty. The measure was approved unanimously, with favourable votes from all municipal groups.

Parking tax for pollution episodes

During pollution episodes, parking prices will be increased by 2 euros per hour in blue and green parking zones (for non-residents), except for ECO and zero emissions vehicles. The measure was approved with favourable votes from the groups in the municipal government, ERC, the CUP – Capgirem Barcelona and the independent councillor; the abstention of the Grup Municipal Demòcrata and votes against from Cs and the PP.