Greater sustainability for the City Police

Security. The local police corps has 30 new electric mopeds for Gràcia and Sant Martí, adding to those already in use in L’Eixample and representing a saving of 13,000 litres of fuel.

The City Police has 30 new electric mopeds, which will be used by territorial units in the districts of Gràcia and Sant Martí. The new police mopeds means the fleet of two-wheeled electric vehicles has now been doubled, re-affirming the move towards sustainable mobility.

Every police moped covers around 40,000 km a year, consuming an average of 405.8 litres. The 30 new units therefore represent a saving of 13,000 litres of fuel. The new vehicles stand out for their quick acceleration, autonomy of 160 km without the need to re-charge, and maximum speed of 129 km/h.

The new batch of electric mopeds for the City Police forms part of the strategy to back electric mobility and build a municipal fleet which is sustainable and respectful to the environment. At present there are 372 electric vehicles, representing 40% of the overall municipal fleet.