Get on your feet and about the city

Walks. Barcelona City Council is getting a new group on its feet, under the 'Ens Movem' programme, a collaboration between the Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE) and the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB).

The Nordic Walking Group ‘Ens movem Ciutat Meridiana’ started last Thursday 19 april and continues every week. This activity is aimed at improving the health of people over the age of 40 facing problems associated with sedentary lifestyles.

In this case the new group is finding itself a base in Ciutat Meridiana, which will be the first point on the ‘Ens Movem’ [Let’s get moving] cycle, where Nordic walking has been establishing itself as an activity. This type of activity is done with walking sticks and, besides offering the usual benefits you’d expect from going out on a walk, it also strengthens your upper body, lung capacity and flexibility. It is a form of walking recommended for everyone, although it is especially advisable for people without back problems and lumbar pain, diabetics, people with obesity or cardiovascular problems and for women who have undergone mastectomies, to help them with recovering the mobility of the shoulder affected.

These activities are held in collaboration with CAP Ciutat Meridiana [Primary Health Care Centre], where the inscriptions are made and the advisability of a user’s participation in the activity is determined. The CEM Can Cuyàs [Municipal Sports Centre] is also providing an expert specialising in Nordic walking to ensure everyone is properly trained in the technique and act as a guide during the itineraries.

This cycle, which is completely free,  it is a regular activity every Thursday at 10 am (it will be at 9 am in July and put on hold in August), setting off from the CAP Ciutat Meridiana (C/ Sant Feliu de Codines, 2). Local residents from the area who wish to take part in this can contact the CAP’s Committee and ask about the Nordic walking cycle of activities in the city.