Extra bus services this summer, funded by the tourist tax

Mobility. The bus service is to be beefed up this summer, especially on the lines that go to the beach and city centre and to ensure that service intervals remain between 6 and 10 minutes on work days.

The bus service is to be boosted in the city during the summer months, thanks to the 1.2 million euros derived from the tax on stays at tourist establishments (IEET). The goal is to beef up the lines that transport the most passengers, especially during the holiday months, in journeys to the beach and city centre, and to ensure service intervals of between 6 and 10 minutes on work days. The extra services start this April in Barceloneta.

This will be the first time that revenue from this tax is being allocated to improving the city’s local transport network. The initiative is part of the Strategic Tourism Plan for 2020 which, among other measures, provides for creating a stable management model for heavily crowded spaces (EGA). “The tourist tax will have to benefit the public, to compensate for the uses and impact that tourism has on the city”, asserted the Councillor for Employment, Enterprise and Tourism, Agustí Colom.

The extra services are starting this April in Barceloneta, with the extended service for the D20, 59 and V15 lines, with new articulated vehicles. “We need to start beefing up the service before the summer”, the Councillor for Mobility, Mercedes Vidal, insisted today, given the diminishing dependence tourism has had on seasonal factors. The extended bus service, according to Vidal, will be accompanied by other mobility measures that will affect not just buses and pedestrians but private vehicles too.

The D20 line will see shorter intervals between services, from 6 to 7 minutes, on work days and from 5 to 6 minutes on Saturdays and public holidays when there is higher demand for them. Service intervals for the 59 line will be range from 8 to 10 minutes every day, whereas the V15 line will have buses sent out every 7 minutes on work days, and every 8 minutes on Saturdays and public holidays during the afternoon rush hour.