Complete overhaul for Plaça de Mossèn Joan Cortina, in the Bon Pastor neighbourhood

Urban planning. The transformation involves 8,000 square metres of public space in this neighbourhood in the Besòs area.

One of the main squares in the Bon Pastor neighbourhood is to be completely renewed, with a renovation project covering nearly 8,000 square metres of public space. Plaça de Mossèn Cortinas will have better accessibility, as well as new paving and street furniture.

The most visible change local residents will see in the Bon Pastor neighbourhood, in the district of Sant Andreu, will be the disappearance of architectural barriers. Stairs, different levels and barriers in the square will be done away with, leaving a large curbless square of 7.961 square metres of public space, better integrated into the neighbourhood.

The square will have two clearly distinguishable zones: an area for people to stroll, paved with pre-fabricated concrete slabs, and a leisure area paved with compressed granite sand. Parterres with bushes will be installed and practically all existing trees being conserved, over a hundred in all.

Games and sports area

Public squares are for local residents to use, with suitable areas for everyone. Plaça de Mossèn Joan Cortinas will include an area of 150 square metres for children’s games, delimited by a hand rail, 120 square metres for pétanque pitches, a basketball court and an area with a zip line and a play boat for older children.

Air-raid shelter

During the process to draft the project, and thanks to information from local residents, an air-raid shelter from the Spanish Civil War was also located and documented. The shelter was used by locals and workers at the nearby arms factory to protect themselves during the bombardments suffered by the city.


The total budget for the project is 2,064,414 euros. Work starts at the end of March.