Action to offset the impact of tourism in the city

Taxa turística. The boost to network bus services in summer, improvements to squares in Gràcia and the Collserola Natural Park will all be funded with money raised by the tourist tax.

Els ingressos provinents de l’impost d’estades en establiments turístics (IEET), que redunden en benefici directe dels barcelonins, serviran per reforçar servei de la xarxa de bus a l'estiu, a més de diverses activitats de dinamització i conscienciació a les places de Gràcia i millores en l’accessibilitat al Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola.

The various actions form part of the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020. Among other goals, the plan aims to offset the effects of the high volume of visitors to the city and promote sustainable, responsible and quality tourism. “The tourist tax must benefit citizens, compensating the uses and the impact of tourism on the city”, asserted the Councillor for Employment, Business and Tourism, Agustí Colom.

For the first time ever, money raised by the tax is to be used to improve the local transport network in the city, with the strengthening of the bus network in the summer months on all services in the city centre and serving the beaches. The boost to the network came into effect this month in the Barceloneta neighbourhood with extended services on the D20, 59 and V15 routes via new articulated vehicles.

The investment envisaged by the plan for the squares in Gràcia centres on covering the cost of activities to add vitality in summer and at Christmas to Pl. Sol, Pl. Revolució, Pl. Vila de Gràcia, Pl. Diamant and Pl. Virreina, as well as bolstering street cleaning services which are even more necessary in summer due to increased use by residents and visitors alike.

Finally, money raised by the tourist tax will also be used to fund a series of measures to improve access to the Collserola Natural Park and broaden knowledge and awareness about its wealth of heritage. The draft project for access routes to the park will be activated and a book of night time photos entitled Estels i ermites de Collserola will be published, explaining the history of the area through its religious architecture and astronomy. Likewise, there will be a new print run of the map of the park, which includes detailed references to city heritage.