A walk under the moonlight

Walks. The Night Walk is being held on the night of 7-8 July. Starting and finishing in the Joan Miró Park, the route climbs up to Montjuïc Castle, with views over the city at night.

With the arrival of summer, Barnatresc holds one of its most special walks: the Night Walk, which is taking place on the night of 7-8 July. The walk starts at 9:30 pm on Saturday 7 July and lasts for approximately 4 hours, which means it will end after midnight.

The planned route starts and finishes in Joan Miró Park, on Carrer Tarragona, and it climbs up to Montjuïc Castle, with views of Barcelona at night. it covers a distance of over 11 kilometres, and in this case, there is a higher gradient than for most Barnatresc walks.

It is a good idea for Night Walk participants to carry some form of personal lighting (torch, headlamp, etc.) and wear something reflective (armband, waistcoat, belt, etc.) in order to increase their own visibility and avoid accidents.