Presentation at the Mobility Pact Plenary Session, March 2014

The final document of the Urban Mobility Plan (UMP) was presented at the Full Meeting on the Pact for Mobility held on 5 March 2014. It included an outline of the PMU scenario of super blocks, along with the model's impact on traffic, a modal breakdown of journeys and air quality. The procedure stage has now started (provisional approval, display for public scrutiny, presentation of any challenges and final approval).

Barcelona Urban Mobility Plan (PMU) 2013-2018: Introduction, Diagnosis and Scenarios

The first stage covers a diagnosis of the current state of mobility in the city and analyses population dynamics, journey stages, internal journeys, connecting journeys, pedestrian zones, 30 km/h zones and the bike network, change in demand in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region, mobility in private vehicles and road safety in the city.

Initiatives carried out under the Urban Mobility Plan 2013-2018, February 2014

After analysing mobility in the city and defining the goal, initiatives are being carried out as part of the Urban Mobility Plan to meet the strategic goals for safe, sustainable, equitable and efficient mobility.

Barcelona Urban Mobility Plan (UMP) 2006-2012

Barcelona enjoyed the privilege of the Barcelona Urban Mobility Plan for 2006-2012 which represented an opportunity for reflecting on urban models. It was a document that not only prepared a general text bringing coherence to the various policies now implemented by the City Council but also defined the future strategies in line with a comprehensive mobility model.