Connected City
The mobility model directly affects the urban space. Barcelona opts for a mobility model that provides a higher quality, less polluted and more accessible public space.
Compromiso por el clima
Barcelona is reaffirming its stance as a city involved in driving and leading sustainable policies in the international arena. So, through this website, the City Council and over 800 organisations want to broadcast their commitment to the climate and publicise all the initiatives they are implementing.
Barcelona Cycle Lane Design Manual 2016
This manual sets out the requirements for consolidating the city's cycle space under safe conditions for cyclists and other users of the public highway.



Most public services back to normal

Except round Plaça de Catalunya and La Rambla, public transport and municipal facilities have resumed normal service

Ada Colau atemptat Rambla


“The avalanche of solidarity makes us strong. Barcelona is a city of peace, open to the world and proud of its diversity”

Minute’s silence at 12 midday, this Friday, in Plaça de Catalunya, in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack on the Rambla. Three days of official mourning have been declared.


All municipal services have been activated following the attack on the Rambla

Barcelona City Council has activated the Municipal Basic Emergency Plan for Multiple Victim Incidents after the massive crash this afternoon on Rambla de Barcelona.

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Strategic Priorities for Mobility

The mission of the Barcelona 2013-2018 Urban Mobility Plan is to continue taking action on public areas and mobility, promote peaceful coexistence among people, social cohesion, well-being and public health. For this reason, the mobility module we are building together for Barcelona is based along 4 strategic lines.

Safe model

A Safe Model

  • + road safety
  • + traffic pacifying
  • - 20% seriously wounded and -30% deaths
Sustainable Model

A Sustainable Model

  • + Mobility on foot, by bike and by public transport
  • + environmental quality
  • - chemical and noise emissions (compliance with EU air parameters)
Equitative Model

An Equitable Model

  • + accessibility to the mobility system
  • + inclusion and social cohesion
  • + space for pedestrians and cyclists
Efficient Model

An Efficient Model

  • + efficiency of transport systems
  • + new mobility management technologies
  • + orderly goods distribution
  • - inefficiencies and economic costs

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Flickr photos from the group Barcelona Mobilitat

IMG_20170821_145704Pla de l'Ós - La Rambla#BusBCN #D20 biarticulatTMB 2160 y 3513TMB 5408Tusgsal 480Motorcycles win carsTMB 2211TMB 6217Tranvía Azul 7TMB 1324Mohn 293IMG_20170727_210146TMB 6325¿Autobús, coche o tranvía?A street normally filled with life as it was 11 months ago when this photograph was taken, but today, sadly, a place of mourning.  Loving Barcelona makes what happened even sadder.                                                    
La Rambla is the long, wide, pedestrian boulevard that glides right through the heart of the old city, from Plaça de Catalunya 1.2km (3/4 mile) all the way to the port.

Laid out in 1766 along the line once formed by the medieval city walls—and once drained by a sewer-like creek ('rambla' means intermittent stream)—this boulevard shunts the vehicular streets to either side and fills the broad middle of the path with a wide pedestrian road, shaded by trees and filled with kisoks, street performers, and—on any given day—what feels like half the city out for a stroll. [Reids Guides]2mp Sony Cybershot DSC-F505... the early days of decent digital camerasTMB 3012, V13 desviado por atentadoIf you believe writing on the walls, tourist is a predatory species that kills Barcelona. :-))

Pla de Palau, Barcelona, Spain.Metrò lightCarrer del Pi - BarcelonaFoto presa el 17/11/2016.
Aquesta foto mostra l'estat d'abandonament de les obres del projecte ferroviari de la línia AVE, a la zona de la Sagrera, en direcció Girona-França.
Des de fa més d'un any ha estat detingut per manca d'inversions, i pendents de judici per malversació de fons públics, per part d'alguns dirigents de RENFE-ADIF-MINISTERI DE FOMENT, amb empreses constructores contractats per a la seva construcció.
Presa des de el nou pont Del treball digne,
Crec que aquest nom del pont s'hauria de canviar per aquell de,
'Del treball indigne'

Foto tomada el 17/11/2016.
Esta foto muestra el estado de abandono de las obras del proyecto ferroviario de la linea del AVE, en la zona de la Sagrera, dirección Girona-Francia.
Hace más de un año que está parado por falta de inversión, y pendiente de unos juicios por malversación de fondos públicos, por parte de algunos dirigintes de RENFE-ADIF-MINISTERIO DE FOMENTO, con las empresas constructoras contratadas para su construcción.
Tomada desde el nuevo puente Del trabajo digne,
pienso que éste nombre del puente deberia cambiarse por el de, 
'Del trabajo indigno'

Photo taken on 11/17/2016.
This photo shows the state of abandonment of the works of the railway project of the AVE line, in the Sagrera area, direction Girona-France.
For more than a year it has been stopped for lack of investment, and pending judgments for embezzlement of public funds, by some leaders of RENFE-ADIF-MINISTRY OF FOMENTO, with construction companies contracted for its construction.
Taken from the new bridge Of work digne,
I think that this name of the bridge should be changed by that of,
'From Unworthy Work'

Obres del nou carril bici del carrer de ParísOlympus Zuiko 28mm 2.8
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