Connected City
The mobility model directly affects the urban space. Barcelona opts for a mobility model that provides a higher quality, less polluted and more accessible public space.
Compromiso por el clima
Barcelona is reaffirming its stance as a city involved in driving and leading sustainable policies in the international arena. So, through this website, the City Council and over 800 organisations want to broadcast their commitment to the climate and publicise all the initiatives they are implementing.
Barcelona Cycle Lane Design Manual 2016
This manual sets out the requirements for consolidating the city's cycle space under safe conditions for cyclists and other users of the public highway.



New bus lanes on the Meridiana to improve collective mobility

Mobility. To new bus lanes are open on Avinguda Meridiana that reduce the time for getting into the city in the rush hour by up to eight minutes.


Limited routes for Segways for commercial use in Ciutat Vella

Mobility. Personal mobility vehicles being used commercially will have to stick to set routes around Ciutat Vella.


More bike lanes for sustainable mobility

Mobility. Thirty two new bike lanes are to be created in the city in the next few months, moving towards sustainable and active mobility.

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Strategic Priorities for Mobility

The mission of the Barcelona 2013-2018 Urban Mobility Plan is to continue taking action on public areas and mobility, promote peaceful coexistence among people, social cohesion, well-being and public health. For this reason, the mobility module we are building together for Barcelona is based along 4 strategic lines.

Safe model

A Safe Model

  • + road safety
  • + traffic pacifying
  • - 20% seriously wounded and -30% deaths
Sustainable Model

A Sustainable Model

  • + Mobility on foot, by bike and by public transport
  • + environmental quality
  • - chemical and noise emissions (compliance with EU air parameters)
Equitative Model

An Equitable Model

  • + accessibility to the mobility system
  • + inclusion and social cohesion
  • + space for pedestrians and cyclists
Efficient Model

An Efficient Model

  • + efficiency of transport systems
  • + new mobility management technologies
  • + orderly goods distribution
  • - inefficiencies and economic costs

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Obres del nou carril bici del carrer de ParísOlympus Zuiko 28mm 2.8 AJ1A0971AJ1A0236Cartagena_Provença...pensamientos de una escultura ...Barcelona Sants stationFotos fetes amb la meva primera cámara Vivitar EF35On the roadFlying to an eclipsed moonBarcelona
Carril bici carrer de París_72904622015.02.16 Barcelona by night (6)Fuente de la Plaza de España (Barcelona)Barca street ( explored)#metro #barcelona #metrobarcelonastreet biciTram av Diagonal - travessera de Gràcia Line up of 'Bicing Barcelona' hire bikes at Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona. Not that different from the red Santander-sponsored bikes of London.Barcelona (Spain)TMB 2440/* 2016.12 Barcelona */

Wanted to take picture like this for so long. 
Being in the city centre of Barcelona with the winter sunlight in the morning is just perfect for this kind of shoots.Carril bici del passeig de Pujades
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